Sir Denys Lasdun's career follows closely the development of the Modern Movement in Britain, and could be seen as a paradigm of it.

Following his death the obituaries renewed interest in his work, but such interest has never been lacking, and his biography by William Curtis was republished in paperback in 1999.

Lasdun's career began in the 1930s, contemporary with the beginnings of the Modern Movement in Britain, and continued through the Post-Modern period, to the re-establishment of a rational modern style. He has been described as the most eminent of the few architects to have transformed le Corbusier's legacy to suit the English way of life, and his work illustrates all aspects of the Modern Movement whilst avoiding its pitfalls.

It is therefore instructive to follow his career as a paradigm of the Modern Movement, and to learn from it. While there is a Christian approach to architecture, there is no such thing as Christian architecture - only good and bad architecture - aesthetically good, technically competent, and for a distinctively Christian approach, seeking social justice and enabling people to carry out their God-given roles.

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