The 1950s witnessed other Lasdun experiments in council housing, designed to recreate the social life of east end streets in tower blocks. The first cluster blocks were built in Usk Street, Bethnal Green, and consist of four towers of four maisonettes each, set at different angles, and linked by bridges to the central circulation tower. Two blocks were built on the estate, the rest of which consists of four storey walk up maisonettes.

These have a human scale, and seem more successful than the later block, of twice their height, in Claredale Street, also in Bethnal Green, built in 1955-8, though it is this later tower that is listed.

Their dates compare with 1953-60 for the design and construction of Sheffield's streets in the air at Park Hill.


After being left empty for several years Keeling House in Claredale Street was refurbished in 2000 by Munkenbeck & Marshall as executive apartments, enjoying views of Bishopsgate and the city from the east.

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